The Square of Pashtunistan

In The Kite Runner, author Khaled Hosseini talks about the Pashtunistan Square. I chose to research this important place because of that very reason. In chapter twenty-one, Amir is driving back at the place where Baba would take him for entertainment and a nice dinner. But what Amir realizes is that this place has changed due to the course of the war that has taken over Kabul. With a layer of dust covering the now ruined square, Amir only has images of what the Pashtunistan Square used to look like.

Located in Kabul, Afghanistan, the Pashtunistan Square is a well-known travel destination. Pashtunistan Square is a fountain in Kabul. Back in the 1960’s, this square was packed with people wanting to eat at the Khyber restaurant, “where Kabul’s Cosmopolitan city dwellers converged for chia, [or tea,] and coffee at the pavement cafe” (Medley). In the book, Amir looks back, and remembers when his father, Baba, used to take him here for kabob in the very crowded Pashtunistan Square. Unfortunately, these are only memries for him, along with many other people today.

With the pavement being destroyed by the war, is used for parking. And many people still visit the Pashtunistan Square and Khyber restaurant for a poplar buffet lunch.

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